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Thread: Manta Mirage Upper Doors

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    Hello, old post I know but I've got a similar situation with the upper doors, looking for a nice clean way to latch them, from inside and outside with minimal protrusion on the outside and compactness and simplicity on the inside. There's nothing mentioned in the manta assy manual on door latching. I've looked at slide locks, slam catches, handles you rotate, drag racing inside/outside push latch, even various cabinet latches and neodymium magnets, any pics or ideas would be welcomed.

    I may just go with some sort of slide lock with a small tab protruding to the outside to actuate it, I'm really trying tokeep the exterior body lines clean, nothing sticking out

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    Have you considered using a "Shaved Door Handle" kit?
    "Door handles are off - but you know I'll never miss 'em.
    They open when I want with a solenoid system...

    Apologies to the Beach Boys

    Battery could become an issue, but with an external Jump Plug easily overcome.

    With a touch of a button on key fob (or placed button) door opens.
    Solenoid could be linked to the sliding rod mechanism you mentioned.

    Cheers - Jim

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