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Thread: Mirage front turn signal experimentation

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    Mirage front turn signal experimentation

    Trying to find a means of installing a front turn signal without messing up the lines of the Mirage, and be minimally compliant with local law. After gaining a lot of confidence (with numerous Miller alcoholic adult beverages) toward actually cutting a hole in a perfectly fine and finished body panel , I started small so that any repairs or changes in size or shape be accomplished much easier than starting off big.

    This first attempt is with a small Ebay-purchased LED turn signal assembly. Very bright, but very small. I sanded the clear lens so that it was flush with the curved leading edge of the radiator intake (it was already close, but sanding it made it match perfectly). Then painted the sanded lens with the fake stained glass paint (orange) used in crafts for making plastic panels look like stained glass panels. With the future orange body paint, these will not stand out too terribly bad, and they appear to be bright enough for daytime use. If I need to, I can double up on these for a larger overall signal.

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