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Thread: Manta Mirage Water Pump

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    Manta Mirage Water Pump

    Is there any historical information on if a stock water pump can handle the flow necessary to push the coolant through the frame rails/radiator/and then back?

    What would the best solution be today? An inline electric pump? An electric water pump? Simply a higher capacity flowing water pump?

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    The GT40 guys pretty much have determined, through flow studies, that a 1.5" diameter path, with smooth bends, along the length of a Mirage's length, is doable. When you start adding the abrupt corners or ends to the mix, then you may get reduced flows. Based on their data and discussions, I think a stock pump should be able to continue to push sufficient coolant through the system. I use an inline pump that has more capacity than i need. It is a 55 GPM, is a bit of overkill, but it is good insurance.

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