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Thread: "Monster Manta" for sale....!

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    "Monster Manta" for sale....!

    Ken, here..... in Florida. A number of you will recognize my twin-turbo Manta project over the last (many) years!

    Unfortunately, due to health, age (72) and an endless "honey do" list, I have not done much on the "Monster's" construction for the last several years--and candidly I have not been able to find anyone in about a 300-mile radius that could build to my standards. In addition, I no longer have a "full-up" shop of my own to tinker in.......

    As a consequence, I am reluctantly looking for someone to care for my project. I am the original owner, purchased from Manta Cars in July 1978 (and I have the original receipt!) The tube chassis has been entirely rebuilt and TIG welded employing Aldan coil-over suspension, and Corvette C5 uprights front and rear (easy to get replacement parts!). The engine is a legacy 355 cubic inch small-block Chevrolet with four-bolt mains and all the proper internals (forged crank, H-rods, and ported Edelbrock heads). Exhausts, like the chassis itself, were TIG-welded in an NHRA-certified shop. The twin turbos are "smallish" (intended for street use), but can be easily upgraded with billet compressor wheels. Twin intercoolers included. The transaxle is a Porsche 930 turbo four-speed, modified for inverted use, with limited slip. This transaxle was purchased from Carquip (Boulder, CO) who also did the rebuild and mods. Shifting is by Patrick Motorsports. Kennedy Engineering provided the transaxle-engine adapter and clutch assembly. Engine management and fuel-injection is by Electromotive TEC II and 80lb/hour injectors (should handle up to 900+ HP with larger turbo's).

    The body requires mounting, as do the doors and window glass. As can be expected for such a project, tweaks and vetting will be required. I've installed a Holley mid-rise ram manifold, which will require some minor fabrication of new "cold side" plumbing. I also will include all documentation, and related parts I've purchased but not installed (Hella 90mm head/fog lights, AN fittings and lines, etc, etc).

    Some pics attached. Will try to send a second batch in a while......

    I have about $84,000 in parts and labor on this car. That includes about $34,000 in the powertrain itself, and about $36,000 in custom fabrication and suspension. I'm looking for about $27,000 as it sits.

    If you, or anyone else who appreciates sound engineering and professional fabrication, is interested please RSVP. I"m living in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

    Ken Walsh
    (850) 660.1308
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